NFL Playoffs – New England Patriots Still Accused of Cheating With Deflated Balls

Bill Belichick

The press conference Bill Belichick gave as a response to the deflated balls alleged scandal and the once again rising notion of the New England Patriots cheating their way to success will go down in history as one of the more delusional moments for the NFL during it’s Super Bowl week, unable to generate anything more than interesting than talking about PSI and air pressure.

Belichick never speaks so many words. This wasn’t even a planned press conference. But it seems, more than anything, Belichick feels his legacy and integrity (which will always be questioned, no matter what he says about Spygate) are being questioned. He had to come back with a response about detailing exactly how the Patriots handle the whole game day football issue, and how there’s no way he or anyone within the organization had anything to do with what they’re being accused of.

It isn’t helping that the NFL seems to be taking it’s time with their procedure, which simply raises more and more questions on one hand, but also making people tired of this. The Patriots won the game by a blowout, regardless of what the PSI inside the ball was. The entire nation, or anyone who cares about football, can’t start focusing on other things regarding the upcoming Super Bowl because the media won’t take this story off the front page.

What did Belichick say exactly? That he’s become quite an expert on ball pressure, whilst making remarks that would make a five-year old laugh if brought up in the proper connotation. He made a ‘My cousin Vinny’ reference. He made comments about Spygate, suggesting that he and his team did nothing wrong, but they were punished for it, and he sees no reason in that issue continuously being brought up by those trying to get a reaction from him.

But there was a surprising side to all of this. First, for Belichick to actually say so many things shortly after giving one of his famous ‘F U’ press conferences in which he seems physically disgusted by being talked to is something of an ‘out of character’ moment for him. And there’s also the whole mention of the Patriots focusing on the condition of the ball during practice, so they can be ready for anything. So is air pressure important or not?

This will blow over at some point. It has to. The NFL can be insane, and the media feeds the flames, but there has to be a point in which the investigation goes nowhere, and everyone realizes it’s time to start talking about other things. At this point, it’s hard to believe any wrongdoing will be discovered. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t. The Super Bowl is in a week’s time, but we’re still talking about air pressure inside a football.

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