NFL Rumors – Adrian Peterson Wants Minnesota Vikings to Cut Him so he Can Join the Dallas Cowboys

Adrian Peterson

The leading storyline in the current Adrian Peterson situation seems to be the running back and his camp attempting to get a release from the Minnesota Vikings in order to join the Dallas Cowboys, but it’s hard separating truth from rumor in this case.

Something we do know is that Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, had to be separated from Vikings vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski. The two had an altercation during the NFL combine, and were separated by Mark Dominik, a current ESPN analyst and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager. According to people at the combine, Dogra had other confrontations with executives and agents at the combine.

Peterson, right now, needs to wait until April 15 to be reinstated into the NFL. Only then can we see things start to move in regards to his future. He is supposed to make a base salary of $12.75 million next season, but a lot of sources around him seem to be convinced that Peterson has no interest in playing a single snap for the Vikings, the only team he’s ever played for in his NFL career, feeling he was betrayed and not supported by the organization during his whole child abuse scandal.

Peterson has said he felt a lot of support and love from the fans, but this is a business, and you can’t let loyalty to fans and a city get mixed up with the dealings between a player and a front office. Peterson wouldn’t say it in his own words, but a source close to him stated Peterson is uneasy with the prospect of playing once again for the Vikings, feeling betrayed by the organization after the team worked together with the commissioner to put him on the exempt list, referring to it as an ambush.

Allegedly, Dogra came to blows with Brzezinski after he made it clear that Peterson isn’t going to play ever again for the Vikings, while Minnesota, at least right now, seemed to be inclined to keeping the running back and not releasing him or trading him, even if it does help release $13 million off their salary cap, not to mention removing a now slightly tainted individual who is going to turn 30 very soon, an age most running backs are already well into their decline.

Has Peterson requested to play for the Cowboys? He is a Cowboys fan, growing up in Palestine, Texas and playing his college football for Oklahoma. Some might say that Peterson still hasn’t decided on whether or not to go all-in with his attempt to get released from the Vikings. It’s not quite clear if the Cowboys are actually into him and will attempt to sign or trade for him. All we do seem to know is that there does seems to be a poisonous feeling between Peterson and the Vikings, maybe something that’s too much to overcome, which will eventually lead to him playing for someone else.

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