NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals Considering Picking Mike Glennon

Unless something surprising happens, at the moment it doesn’t seem like the Arizona Cardinals are going to bring a quarterback with NFL experience, which means they’ll either pick one from the current group of Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley, or go for someone in the draft, more likely than not Mike Glennon.

There aren’t that many quarterbacks in the draft causing an interest among NFL GM’s. Geno Smith is probably the top rater QB, but his arm strength does have some worried, despite his fantastic mobility and ability to make plays outside the pocket. Matt Barkley has the look of a solid quarterback, but without an elite arm. Mike Glennon, who started for two seasons with the Wolfpack, might be a better fit.

Glennon threw for 4031 yards last season, including 31 touchdowns and an NCAA high 17 interceptions. While he has the arm that new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians wants in his quarterback, Glennon isn’t very mobile, which makes it a hard choice to make, considering the Cardinals had the worst offensive line last season, giving up 58 sacks.

And in truth, it comes down to the Cardinals making moves to improve their O-Line. Kolb might not be such a bad quarterback, but has taken too many hits last season making him a health risk, not to mention his contract about to count for $13.5 million if he isn’t cut by the deadline for the 2013 season. John Skelton and Ryan Lindley both won a single game last season, while Lindley didn’t throw a touchdown on his four starts. They’re both erratic QBs at the moment, but the bigger problem is the offensive line.

With the number 7 pick in the first round, there’s no chance the Cardinals take Glennon or any other quarterback. It’s more likely that they choose between Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher and Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson. Bringing one of them might allow Levi Brown to shift to the right, where he is more comfortable.

Some think that the Cardinals might pick Tyler Bray coming out of Tennessee if Glennon is unavailable for them in the second round, but Bray also seems like a long-term project, not to mention their needs at running back. The Cardinals need a QB, but they might be in a bad situation to get one they like.

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