NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals Most Likely to Sign Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

The Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson are reaching a point where it’s impossible to bridge the differences between the two. A few teams are trying to take advantage of the rift, and the Arizona Cardinals are ahead of the pack in terms of desire to absorb his contract.

Peterson wants out of Minnesota because of what he feels was unsupportive behavior from the franchise during the whole ‘switch’ scandal. Peterson played just one game last season before going on suspension/forced hiatus on another domestic violence case which was spreading like a plague last season among NFL players, with varying degrees of severity, controversy and reaction from the franchises and the league.

Peterson’s agent is refusing to meet with the team and has no intention for his client to play out the remainder of his contract, despite Peterson being signed for three more years with the Vikings.

While the Cowboys were made to look like favorites to sign Peterson, that ship has probably sailed with the additions and moves they’ve made in free agency. Who is left? The Cardinals aren’t alone, but they’re ahead of the pack in terms of willingness to sign him.

It’s not going to be simple. It will involve compensation that the Vikings will obviously be looking for, at least giving the perception that for them, it’s business as usual and they’re planning on using Peterson like they always have. It might also include giving Peterson some sort of extension.

The Cardinals do have Andre Ellington, not a bad feature back, but he’s injury prone and small. The team prefers using him behind a bigger back who can absorb a bit more punishment. Peterson isn’t exactly “just” a bruiser, but he certainly fits the “big” definition when it comes to running backs.

Peterson, in the NFL since 2007, has rushed for 10,190 yards in his career, averaging 5 yards per carry and has scored 86 touchdowns. He has gone for over 1000 yars in every season he has played more than 12 games in.

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