NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Expect Desmond Trufant to be Productive Right Away

Desmond Trufant

After being one successful drive away from reaching the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons have pretty high expectations from the 2013 NFL season, and that includes cornerback Desmond Trufant, their first round pick in the draft.

Turfant wasn’t the only corner taken by the Falcons, as Robert Alford was taken in the second round. In the current situation, Trufant is second on the depth chart when it comes to cornerbacks behind Asante Samuel, and is expected to start in week 1, probably being in charge of covering the number 2 wide receiver for the Flacons’ opponents, which will be the New Orleans Saints on September 8.

Unlike other rookies around the league, there is no easing-in period for Alford and especially Trufant. A first team All Pac-12 last season with the Washington Huskies, he and Alford were thrown to the lions right away, facing Roddy White and Julio Jones in practice. The Falcons expect a lot from Trufant and Alford, who are both relatively big, physical cornerbacks rumors to have a very impressive learning and adapting ability.

They’re running against our first team, which we’re trying to get as many reps as we can with those guys against Roddy, Julio and Harry Douglas. We don’t want them lining up with young guys. We want them to get out there and compete with those guys.

The Falcons seem to be like one of the most complete teams in the league, especially on offense. Their inability to handle the 49ers’ offense ruined their chances of capitalizing on their best-in-the-NFC record from the regular season. However, their pass defense was among the worst in the NFL, ranking 24th in overall pass defense and 20th in yards per play, allowing 7.4 yards per passing attempt.

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