NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Not Trading Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez

Despite ESPN really trying hard to push that angle, the Atlanta Falcons have made no indication that they’re going to trade Tony Gonzalez in order to give him some sort of shot for the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, while giving themselves a first round pick as the failure (so far) of this season is some wake up call and time for a minor rebuild.

The Chiefs are undefeated at 7-0 and look like a team that will continue to rely heavily on the best defense in the NFL as they try and reach the Super Bowl. However, there’s no feeling of now or never for the team, which is why they won’t be sacrificing a first round draft pick, which some sources suggest the Falcons want for Gonzalez, not to mention throwing in another tight end (Fassano?) to sweeten the deal.

The Falcons, on the other hand, still believe they can make something out of this season. At 2-4, they’re getting Steven Jackson back from his injury, and with Roddy White still questionable, there’s a very good chance will see Jackson featuring heavily in the offensive game both as a running back and a receiver.

The Falcons have to play Arizona and Carolina on the road before their game against the Seahawks. If they do beat the Cardinals, we’re not going to see any trade talk anymore, but suddenly a lot of optimism and faith about Matt Ryan and Mike Smith picking up the pieces from the awful start and leading this team into a wild finish that just might end with a playoff card in their hands, although that does seem like an unlikely scenario.

At 2-4, the Falcons are third in the NFC South, trailing Carolina (3-3) and the Saints (5-1). They still have two games to play against the Panthers, one more against the Bucs, which at this point looks like an automatic win, and once more against the Saints, this time in Atlanta. You never should think too far ahead in this league, which is probably something that the Falcons did early this season, getting the NFC favorites talk get to their heads.

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