NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons & St. Louis Rams Interested in Signing Will Witherspoon

Will Witherspoon

NFL teams aren’t done adding players, and it seems that someone like Will Witherspoon, doing well enough last season as a backup for the St. Louis Rams to get plenty of interest this summer with both the Rams and the Atlanta Falcons looking to sign him.

The 33-year old linebacker has been in the league for 12 seasons, beginning in 2002 with the Carolina Panthers, before moving on to the Rams, Eagles, Titans and back with the Rams again last season.

He finished with 21 tackles last season, mostly playing as an outside linebacker. Despite not being a starter anymore, Witherspoon is extremely durable, never playing less than 14 games in one season during his long career and usually the entire list of 16. He even played in 17 games during the 2009 season when he was traded.

His role will be different on both teams, who need some help with depth at linebacker. If he stays with the Rams, he’ll remain as an outside linebacker in their 4-3 defensive scheme. For the Falcons, who lost Sean Weatherspoon to a ruptured Achilles last month, Witherspoon will probably feature as an inside linebacker in their 3-4 defensive formation.

In 189 career games, Witherspoon has 26 sacks and 14 interceptions, entering the league as a third round draft pick in 2002.

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