Joe Flacco Starting for Ravens Despite MCL Sprain

Joe Flacco

With only two weeks to go, it’s not the time to let minor injuries get in the way of making the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco are ignoring his sprained MCL, taking certain precautions in the form of a knee brace, but keeping him as their starting quarterback for the next game at least.

Flacco was hit in the knee by the helmet of DeAndre Levy of the Detroit Lions (not the first time a Lions player has been involved in a questionable hit this season) as the Ravens came off with the 18-16 win despite not scoring a single touchdown. Flacco was clearly hurt after his knee was damaged, but except for swelling and rest, there really isn’t anything to do about it.

So Flacco and the Ravens are going the risky route, which means playing while still not at 100%, wearing a protective knee brace in practice and in the game against the New England Patriots. Flacco has mentioned it didn’t feel to comfortable at first, but he thinks it’s going to be fine by the time he gets on the field.

Is this a wise decision? Obviously, the Ravens, needing to win both games in order to clinch the division title, aren’t in a hurry to bench their Super Bowl MVP quarterback. However, there’s also Flacco’s pride, still not missing a single game in his six-year career, and carrying the third longest current streak among starting quarterbacks, behind Eli Manning (149) and Philip Rivers (126).

The Ravens are hoping that this hit isn’t something that they’ll see again. Flacco has taken some tough shots to the knee before, but this seemed to be extra malicious, and they’ve sent the tape to the league office for review, hoping it falls under the “Brady rule”, although most people seem to think that the New England Patriots and the rest of the league don’t get the same kind of treatment when it comes to protection from officials.

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