NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Doing Some Weird Things at Quarterback

Matt Cassel

The Buffalo Bills are back to square one, with Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel as the team’s quarterbacks. So why was Cassel released? Money.

The veteran quarterback, who is designated as the #2 QB on the depth chart now that he has been signed again, was about to make $4.15 million in base salary this season. The Bills decided it’s better off working on that contract a little bit so they released him and signed him back on a more cap-friendly deal.

Cassel was surprised with the release but didn’t look for a new team to sign for because of his familiarity with the Bills offense and his wife being eight months pregnant.

First and foremost my family comes first. There were opportunities to go to other places, but at the same time, when you look at the situation and the hard work that went in throughout this entire offseason, I thought it was the best place for me.

Taylor is going to start for the Bills in week 1, but there’s no guarantee we’re not going to see changes through the season. Rex Ryan keeps talking about three quarterbacks and might plan to use all of them during this season, although ideally you hope the guy you put out there first works out.

Taylor will start for the first time in his NFL career this weekend after backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore for the last four years. Manuel, who has been the starter for the Bills in week 1 for the last two seasons, might be starting his final year for the team on the bench.

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