NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears Need a Good Jay Cutler For a Great Matt Forte

Matt Forte

Looking at the Chicago Bears training camp, Matt Forte seems to be quite ready to have that huge year everyone is expecting of him. However, even if Forte is physically at the best point he has been in his NFL career, it doesn’t really matter if Jay Cutler doesn’t do just as well.

The Bears are probably taking one more swing at the Jay Cutler roller coaster, this time with a new head coach in Marc Trestman and a completely new offensive approach, which is about taking less risks, while giving Cutler less time to make decisions on his own. More short passes in the backfield, also countering the Bears’ weaknesses in their offensive line.

On paper, this seems like the perfect way to put Forte on a pedestal and give him a chance to eclipse his 1238 yards from his rookie season, which came along with a bit too much running (316 carries, 3.9 average) and show his skills in the passing game after last season he caught a career low 44 passes.

Not everyone is quite sure that Forte will actually have his career year in 2013, but it doesn’t have to do with Forte. In the new Bears’ offense, there’s a good chance that Cutler will finally stop looking at only Brandon Marshall, and start spreading the ball around a lot more, including to his new tight end Martellus Bennett and the improved Alshon Jeffery. Maybe the Bears will also try and keep Forte as fresh as possible for late in the season, where the Bears have messed up over the last couple of seasons, by relying more on Cutler’s arm and Michael Bush in the backfield.

In the end, it all depends on Cutler and how he adjusts to the new offensive system. If it goes well, things should go well for Forte as well. But Cutler has a tendency to focus too much on one receiver, or even check out on calls for runs. When that starts happening, it won’t be only Forte and his Fantasy Owners who suffer, but the Bears as well.

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