NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Don’t Want Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia

Things seem to be going so badly for the Cleveland Browns that even Jeff Garcia, five years into his retirement from the NFL, thinks he has a shot to play for them. So far, no one from the franchise is actually interested in four-time pro bowler, but it just goes to show just how bad things have gotten (yet again) for one of the most poorly run organizations in the NFL.

The dillema right now for the Browns (3-4) is whether to keep on starting Brandon Weeden, who has lost all of his starts this year, or Jason Campbell, who had one cameo appearance so far this season which didn’t turn out so well. However, Weeden has being doing so badly since Brian Hoyer was injured (barely over 50% completion, throwing three touchdowns and three interceptions), that suddenly even a 43-year old quarterback doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

According to Garcia, he has reached out to the Browns, a team he played for unsuccessfully in 2004, and told them that if they want to give him a look, he’s quite willing and ready to perform. However, it’s quite doubtful that over four years since playing his last NFL game Garcia is up to the task of making things better for a team that doesn’t really remember what it’s like to be considered a good football team.

Garcia made most of his recent noise while being the creative power behind the JaMarcus Russell comeback attempt that didn’t land him any NFL gigs, but at least gave him a more favorable angle for the first time since dropping out of the NFL.

However, since his failed comeback attempt, the two are no longer working with each other, and Garcia has mentioned that he thinks there’s a very good chance that Russell simply doesn’t have the hunger and passion to be a successful or even simply a relevant NFL quarterback. It’s quite likely that both of them won’t play another NFL game again.