NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Matt Cassel

Despite his horrendous season, the connections that run through the Cleveland Browns front office, Matt Cassel and the New England Patriots might make it happen – one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL last season getting a possible starting job on another disastrous franchise.

Cassel started in 8 games last season for the Chiefs, posting a 1-7 record while throwing only 6 touchdowns to 12 interceptions and a 66.7 passer rating. Sure, some of it was the coaching or the lack of suitable receiving options, but Cassel’s only moment in the sun with the Chiefs was during the 2010 season. Since then it’s been a painful plummet.

According to sources close to Cassel and the Chiefs, there’s no more future for him with the organization  certainly not with Alex Smith coming over via trade from the San Francisco 49ers. But wait, that doesn’t mean it’s over for Cassel and his chances to start for a team next season.

The Browns were interested in Alex Smith, but couldn’t package the kind of deal the Chiefs sent over to Northern California. Still, despite Brandon Weeden doing a decent job, no one has announced him as their starter, as the Browns are  looking to bring in some competition for him and Colt McCoy. Cassel, an 8 year veteran, might be the one that arrives in the end.

How is that possible? Cassel has had decent seasons in the NFL, with the Patriots and with the Chiefs. He’s not a complete failure as a starter. More importantly, Mike Lombardi, the Browns’ vice president of player personnel, is close with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the man who drafted Cassel in 2005. It doesn’t mean it’s a certain deal, but it leaves quite a few to be wondering if the Browns are hesitating to give Weeden confidence because Cassel and Matt Moore are two players they’re looking at, with Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett also taken into consideration.

Image: Source