NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Matt Moore

The options for some of the veteran quarterbacks to find a new starting job next season in the NFL are dwindling down, but Matt Moore, hitting free agency next month, is likely to find someone willing to take him on board, with the Cleveland Browns as a possible option, even in the role of a starter.

Moore didn’t get a chance to start last season, as Ryan Tannehill came out of college and immediately took over the QB1 position. But in 2011, Moore started 12 games for the Dolphins, putting up decent numbers (winning six games, 60.5% completions, 2497 yards, 16 touchdowns to 9 interceptions), which gives a few teams and GMs some hope as to his starting credentials.

The Dolphins themselves know they have a good thing in Moore, even at backup. It’s been reported that Ryan Tannehill himself has reached out to Moore in hope the six year veteran can be convinced to stay on board as a high paid backup. Mind you, the Dallas Cowboys are paying Kyle Orton $3.5 million a season to sit behind Tony Romo with no hope of actually starting a game unless Romo is injured, so backup quarterbacks do come at a price.

But Moore is going to test the waters – not for money issues, but mostly to see if there is a team out there willing to give him a starting job. After the Philadelphia Eagles closed one door for quarterbacks by signing Michael Vick for the season and adding Dennis Dixon to be a suitable backup, there aren’t that many options left for a team willing to give a new guy a break.

One of the the remaining options, however, are the Cleveland Browns. It’s not just Norv Turner, the new offensive coordinator, who appreciates Moore’s talents and would like to work with him, but the Browns themselves aren’t sure they’re willing to give Brandon Weeden another year or in general another chance as their starter; at least not without any kind of competition, which he won last season, leaving Colt McCoy to sit behind him.

Turner and the Browns have been mentioned in regards to Alex Smith and an impeding trade with the San Francisco 49ers, but the Browns new management might not be too keen to send draft picks to the 49ers, not to mention Smith’s $7.5 million contract for 2013.

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