NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Signing Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

After getting cut by the New York Jets, it’s not going to take long for Stephen Hill to find a new team and it seems like the Cleveland Browns, with plenty of issues when it comes to their wide receiver situation, could use some help from the 23 year-old who many think is brimming with potential.

As all NFL teams cut down the size of their rosters, some minor shifts league-wide are going to happen. The Browns have lost Josh Gordon for the entire season unless some legal opening can be found, and have cut veteran Nate Burleson. What’s left is the not so impressive company of Miles Austin, Andrew Hawkins, Charles Johnson and Travis Benjamin. Hill might not be a Pro-Bowl receiver, but he should be able to help and upgrade this bunch.

There is also another thing to consider – the Browns aren’t exactly set with their quarterback situation. Johnny Manziel might be exciting to watch and has star qualities, but he’s not exactly a complete and solid football player just yet. Brian Hoyer has also had his share of problems this offseason, which means the Browns are going to need all the help they can get when it comes to playmakers and throwing targets.

Hill hasn’t been used much so far in his NFL career since he was a second round pick in the 2012 draft by the Jets, coming out of Georgia Tech. For the Yellow Jackets he also had his moment, but was known more for his athletic abilities and not his game-changing plays or consistency, something he’s finding hard to achieve in the NFL as well.

Hill has 45 receptions in two seasons out of 106 times he was targeted in, catching for 594 yards and four touchdowns. Not exactly the numbers that should get fans excited about his potential arrival. Still, head coach Mike Pettine knows a bit about him from his New York Jets days (defensive coordinator) and according to his agent, Alan Herman, the Jets will make an offer very soon. It might be just his way of trying to create some sort of interest.

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