NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles & Pittsburgh Steelers Interested in Victor Butler

After four years in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, Victor Butler is looking for a team that will give him more than the odd snap here and there, showing quite often that with the right amount of playing time he can be quite a force at linebacker, so far picking up visit slips from the Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles and obviously, the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns and the Dolphins have had a hand in pretty much every player this off-season, or at least it seems like it. However, Miami aren’t a part of the pursuit after Butler, a 25 year-old four year veteran who recorded 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles last season for the Cowboys.

He has already paid visits to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints, with the Steelers, hoping to find a replacement for James Harrison (maybe from within the team eventually) looking like the most interested party. The Saints connection is their new defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, who oversaw Butler’s playing time over the past few seasons in Dallas.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the next visit for Butler, who will undergo a physical there, just like he did with the previous teams. He hasn’t missed a single game for Dallas in three of his four seasons there, and the problem is more with his and his agent’s sense of the market and his value in it compared to what the demand is. While linebackers, especially versatile ones like Butler, do have a certain value, it’s not going to be starter money like Butler is trying to get. While he’ll get more snaps than he did with Dallas during his first four seasons in the league, he’s not going to get the kind of money others did earlier in free agency.

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