NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Will Start Josh McCown at Quarterback

Josh McCown

No trading up for Marcus Mariota, or trades for Sam Bradford and Nick Foles. The Cleveland Browns will start Josh McCown at quarterback next season, and have the still rehabbing Johnny Manziel back him up.

Sure, someone else might be signed or drafted later, but the Browns aren’t going to move up to the number two spot by giving up their two first round picks (12 and 19). They’re also not going in a different direction after signing McCown to a three-year deal with $6.25 million guaranteed.

McCown might be coming off a terrible season in Tampa Bay (70.5 passer rating, completing just 56.3% of his passes), but the standards for quarterbacks in Cleveland aren’t very high, going through 22 starters since 1999.

And what about Manziel? He’s still in rehab, and even if he was healthy, no one will be giving him the keys to the car anytime soon. His cameos last season at the quarterback position were embarrassing, even more so than Brian Hoyer’s appearances in the second half of the season.

Unlike the Buccaneers, the Browns have an offensive line that might be able to make things easier for McCown, who is still living off his fantastic five starts for the Chicago Bears in 2013. Instead of retiring or moving around the league and struggling to find a backup job, he was given the keys to the special club of starting quarterbacks, although for him, it’s very easy to get kicked out if things don’t go well.

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