NFL Rumors – Steelers, Cowboys, Texans, Lions & Titans Considering Drafting Caleb Benenoch

Caleb Benenoch

Not the highest rated or projected pick in this draft class, but Caleb Benenoch out of UCLA has his versatility working for him, getting him workouts, visits and looks from the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans &  Houston Texans.

Benenoch, for example, scores just 5.1 on the NFL.Com scouting meter for the upcoming draft, which means he isn’t regarded as someone who should be taken before the fourth round. However, there have been those calling him a top 75 pick which means even a second round possibility. His stock price is definitely on the rise, but it’s hard to see him as a starter for a lot of years at guard or tackle. More like a backup or filler all across the offensive line.

Yes, Benenoch, who decided to give up on a fourth year with the Bruins, can play tackle, guard and center. He has the size to do well and tackle and probably he’ll be fine at guard too, but his power and blocking technique have raised concerns with scouts. He’s going to either need to bulk up in order to become a more difficult guard to deal with for players rushing up the middle or when he run blocks, or simply work hard on his technique to succeed as a tackle.

Everyone needs an offensive lineman like Benenoch, and it’s all about figuring out where he might be considered a good value of a pick. Not in the first round, and the second round might be a bit of a reach. But in a draft that’s built on defensive line quality and less on the O-line, Benenoch might get a little bit of a push upwards compared to other years because there aren’t that many good offensive linemen to find this year.

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