NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Looking to Dwyane Harris and Terrance Williams to Step Up at Wide Receiver

After being disappointed with their running game for quite a long time, it seems the Dallas Cowboys are doing more and more to try and move the focus towards the passing side of things, hoping to get some productive #3 wide receiver season from other Dwyane Harris or rookie Terrance Williams.

With DeMarco Murray being a coin flip as to his healthy, the Cowboys are entering another season in which they really can’t trust or predict what they’ll be getting on the ground, assuming Murray won’t be playing the entire 16-game season unless something very surprising happens.

Terrance Williams

This means it’s more and more on Tony Romo and his group of receivers and tight ends to carry the Cowboys’ offense. While Dez Bryant is on the verge of becoming a superstar and Miles Austin is still a productive wide receiver as well, the Cowboys need more from their #3 option, or at least more than what Kevin Ogletree gave them last season, running out of steam after the first game against the New York Giants.

So who fills the void after the Cowboys let Ogletree leave via free transfer? It seems it’ll come to two players. Dwyane Harris, entering his third season with the team, hoping to be more involved than in the return game and the 17 receptions (for 222 yards) he had last season, or rookie Terrance Williams out of Baylor, who led the nation in reception yards last season with 1832 yards on a very pass-happy Bears offense.

In general, it looks like the Cowobys are going to need to spread the ball around quite a lot, because their wide receiver core, which includes Jason Witten, James Hannah and rookie Gavin Escobar (2nd round out of San Diego State) is going to need a lot of touches to remain happy as well, meaning that being a third-option wide receiver isn’t going to include too many touches, despite the “prestigious’ title.

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