NFL Rumors – Darrelle Revis Interested in the San Francisco 49ers

Usually, when it comes to the free agency season, we mention teams interested in certain players that are about to become available. In this case, Darrelle Revis, not a free agent but a very possible trade-in-the-making from the New York Jets to the San Francisco 49ers, is the one interested in finding a new place to play.

Michael Robinson, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks (used to for the San Francisco 49ers), has a radio show called the Real Rob Report. He talked with Darrelle Revis about the situation – him coming off an ACL tear and all the talk about his potential trade before the beginning of next season, because his contract is entering its final year and the Jets can’t franchise him, and might not want to pay him the kind of contract ($15-16 million a season) he wants to get.

While Revis is considered as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, if not the best of them, the fact that he’s coming off an injury and not getting a guarantee he’ll actually re-sign with the team that trades for his services is keeping teams off of picking up the phone at the moment.

But what if Revis acknowledges he wants to play for a certain contender, with the knowledge that they have a pretty good chance of reaching the Super Bowl several times in the next few years?

I’ll be just an addition to help them win that trophy. Would it be awesome? I mean, yeah. My main goal as a player is to hold that Lombardi Trophy in the air and get that ring.

Words don’t always mean much in the world of¬†professional¬†sports, but if Revis is showing some indication of wanting to play for the 49ers, it might give Jim Harbaugh and the front office the right kind of shove to start piling up the draft picks and make a move for Revis, hoping that his contract demands aren’t going to be as high as they’re portrayed in the media.

Image: Washingtonpost