NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Hoping Tom Brady Stops Fighting His Suspension

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While the New England Patriots can’t afford to not be supportive of Tom Brady and his attempts to eliminate the deflategate suspension, they’re probably hoping he gives the legislative battle a rest, accepts the four-game punishment and misses the beginning of the season, when his absence isn’t as hurtful.

The¬†Second United States Circuit Court of Appeals denied Brady’s appeal for a rehearing of his case, after the original suspension sentenced by Roger Goodell over a year ago, was put back in place by a US Court. Brady appealed the suspension initially and won in court, overturning the NFL’s decision. However, Goodell and the league haven’t given up on punishing Brady for the findings in the Deflategate investigation, appealed, won, and now seem to have the upper hand, with going to the Supreme Court the only option left for Brady in order to remove his suspension.

What are the Patriots afraid of? In the current situation, Brady misses the four first games of the season, three of them at home, giving Jimmy Garoppolo the keys to the car to finally show if he can be the guy to take over for Brady one day. However, if he gets to plead his case in the supreme court and loses one final time, his suspension will only kick in in the middle of the season, or closer to the final playoff push. With his odds of actually cancelling any suspension very slim, going all the way with this could be more harmful than he ever imagined.

This is all about honor, for both sides. The league would have been willing to give Brady a reduced punishment in exchange for admittance of wrongdoing. Brady wouldn’t play along, and so we’re here. Brady is kind of stuck, because if he doesn’t go after the Supreme Court option, it’ll be like an admission of guilt, and that’s the last thing he wants. And here we are: No real proof for the NFL although Brady probably did do what he’s accused of, but no way out for Brady, who is probably going to end up suspended, with the Supreme Court or without it.

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