NFL Rumors – Devin Hester Won’t Stay With the Chicago Bears

After seven seasons with the Chicago Bears, in which Devin Hester made a name for himself as probably the greatest return man in NFL history, it seems like the part time wide receiver might be looking for a fresh start with a new team, unless the old one shows real intent in keeping him.

Hester, 30, has scored 18 touchdowns in his career through kick and punt returns (also one field goal return), becoming less productive over the years because hardly kick to him anymore. Hester does play the wide receiver position as well, scoring 14 touchdowns, averaging 10.5 yards per reception last season.

He was considering retirement  but has now turned the other way. Still, after Lovie Smith was fired, Hester doesn’t seem too pleased about staying with the Chicago Bears, a team he has one more year to play for according to his contract. If Hester wants a fresh start, he needs to convince the Bears to either drop him or trade him. The question is – what is a return man everyone is simply too afraid to punt or kick to worth these days?

According to his agent, once the Bears conclude their evaluation of their players and their team, I expect to have discussions about Devin’s future. Until they finish that, everything is premature to talk about.

The Kansas City Chiefs might be interested in the former Miami (U) player, with special teams coordinator Dave Toub recently hired by the team. Hester worked under Toub for his entire career with the Bears.

The Houston Texans, who had a lot of problems with their special teams play, might opt to try and sign Hester, hoping that new head coach Marc Trestman doesn’t figure a way in which he can use him. But what is a return man with some plays in three (or more) WR sets worth to a team? Just how important is he to any team looking to trade him, or for the Bears, who might convince Hester to stay with an offer of a market-level contract extension.