NFL Rumors – Elvis Dumervil Wants More From Denver Broncos

The whole scene and story between Elvis Dumervil, the Denver Broncos and the unsigned contract should have been over by now. He wants them, they want him. It should be a little bit simpler. But the Baltimore Ravens jumped in, and the Miami Dolphins are eyeing the situation from a far, while the player himself is claiming it’s about more than just money.

Than what? Respect and the need to feel wanted. The Broncos and the Ravens have made official offers. The Broncos have offered the better deal, which is probably a bit under the $8 million he should have been making if everything would have gone according to plan, and the fax would have been sent on time. Unfortunately for all sides, that didn’t happen.

But what does it mean – feel needed? More money? Players and agents have funny ways of using a million different words for one thing – a bigger contract. They just don’t want to sound greedy across the media. At this point of free agency, it’s no longer a players market, but the other way around. No one gave pass rushers $8 million a season in this market, and Dumervil isn’t going to get more money from the Brocnos. The only thing that might be disturbing the completion of the deal is a bruised ego from taking a pay cut, being released (At his agent’s fault) and wanting a bit more in terms of longevity of the deal.

A player with a history of injuries and is going to be on the wrong side of 30 in 10 months shouldn’t be asking for too much, or he is going to get burnt on both ends. The Broncos and John Elway won’t wait around forever, knowing that John Abraham and Dwight Freeney, older but still productive, are waiting for a job, and one spot less to fill (if the Umenyiora to Falcons rumors are true). Dumervil shouldn’t hesitate much longer either.