NFL Rumors – Everybody Wants Chris Canty

It’s been a very busy offseason so far from Chris Canty, who won’t be playing for the New York Giants next season. He’s already made trips to the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs, and is now announcing he’s planning on visiting the Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars, not to mention his affiliation with the Carolina Panthers.

After four season with the Giants, including winning a Super Bowl, Canty is looking for one last relatively big contract. The 30 year old defensive tackle did miss seven games last season, the last on a four year contract with the Giants worth $10.5 million a season, but that isn’t stopping from almost half the NFL, or at least those who can afford him, try to go after him.

After already taking visits to the Titans, Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, it seems like the Packers and Jags are next for the 8 year veteran who began his career with the Dallas Cowboys, playing as a defensive end, before switching to a more central role (and a 4-3 defense) after signing in New York.

While the Panthers still haven’t been mentioned as one of his “official” visits, he grew up playing football near the city, and has mentioned in the past that he’s willing to give the Panthers a hometown discount, and several players from the team have been courting him with text messages, hoping it’ll do the trick and convince him to join the NFC South team.

I got a text from Thomas Davis that read, “It’s time for you to come on home.” I might be willing to do the hometown discount. We have to see what other opportunities are out there.

Canty already has an offer from the Titans – he was due to make $6.25 million in 2013 from the Giants before they cut him. There isn’t much higher for him to go, and chances are he won’t get a better offer from other teams, but the Titans’ offer isn’t that far from what he’s expecting to get.

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