NFL Rumors – Cowboys, Panthers & Dolphins Potential Landing Spots for Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie

The draft might be the big thing right now, but there’s still free agency action going on, and one name that could end up helping out some team is Antonio Cromartie. The former New York Jets cornerback can end up playing for the Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys.

In terms of interest, it’s been slow for Cromartie, a 10-year veteran who does have four Pro Bowl appearances including one in 2014, but he might be mostly known for his ability to fill this world with life.

Out of the three teams mentioned, only the Dolphins have actually been noted to show any kind of interest in him, looking to improve their secondary situation, although they could end up doing it through the draft and not free agency.

The Carolina Panthers are showing up because of their recent moves: Josh Norman was more or less released (pulled back the franchise tag), which led to him signing with the Washington Redskins. The Panthers do get an extra third round pick from it, which makes you wonder what kind of trade they were asking for initially. However, with a very late first round pick and money to spend ($30 million) Cromartie could be helpful.

And the Cowboys? This is what Cromartie is wishing for. Despite going to the playoffs only once in the last five seasons, the Cowboys have a special kind of appeal. They almost always need help at cornerback, and many think they’ll be the ones to pick Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State in less than a week in the 2016 NFL draft. They’re not exactly drowning in cap space ($7.6 million) but Cromartie should be willing to take a deal that doesn’t cost them too much, still leaving them with some sort of cap flexibility.

Cromartie has missed only two games in 10 NFL seasons, playing for the San Diego Chargers, New York Jets and one season with the Arizona Cardinals. He played in 15 last year with the Jets, not getting a single interception (first time since his rookie year), finishing with 29 tackles and 12 defended passes.

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