NFL Rumors – New York Jets in no Rush to Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick Jets

As we approach the final week of May, the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are still very far apart. And while both sides haven’t closed the door on a reunion, there hasn’t been any movement in the direction.

There have been rumors suggesting Fitzpatrick prefers missing next season than taking what the Jets have offered him, but the 33-year old quarterback has mentioned he’ll be playing for someone next season, and in a recent interview on the radio he said he hopes to be playing for the Jets in 2016, and that there have been discussions behind closed doors.

Fitzpatrick did a good job as the starting quarterback for the Jets next season, having a career year with 3905 passing yards, 31 passing touchdowns and 15 interceptions. His completion percentage and passer rating have been better in the past, but the Jets finishing 10-6, being one win away from making the postseason, declared it a relatively successful season, even if Fitzpatrick, with 105 career starts on his CV, still doesn’t have a postseason appearance.

The Jets have less than $4 million available, so if Fitzpatrick does sign a deal he likes, it’ll probably be backloaded in such a way that he might never reach it. The Jets have a lot more leverage now than before. The teams capable of signing Fitzpatrick to the kind of money he wants ($15 million, but probably is willing to settle for less) have their quarterbacks. The only team that might be considered an option are the San Francisco 49ers with over $49 million in cap space.

The Jets? They drafted Christian Hackenberg out of Penn State in the second round, suggesting they think he can become a starting quarterback for them. Geno Smith and Bryce Petty can’t seriously be taken as future quarterbacks on this team, with Smith not getting a single start last season. The Jets aren’t exactly rock solid at quarterback, but it seems their reliance on a receiving core and defense makes them confident enough to keep Fitzpatrick on hold.

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