NFL Rumors – Wes Welker Doesn’t Want to Retire

Wes Welker

It seems that concussions, and hardly anyone willing to hire him, isn’t stopping Wes Welker from trying to make his career go on a little bit longer. Maybe it’s money, the love of the game, or maybe ring chasing, but Welker doesn’t seem to be prepared to retire just yet.

Welker had the same problem last season: Too many teams not wanting to touch him, too many past concussions making him a risk, with the hint basically being “stay away, you’re banged up, you’re going to get yourself hurt even worse”. But Welker signed with the Los Angeles Rams, played for 8 games, caught 13 passes for 102 yards, and obviously wasn’t picked up for another season. He’s been wrestling with the decision; to retire or keep on playing, since the end of last season.

From his most recent words, it seems that he’s prepared for a little bit more. He didn’t have any injuries last season, but he’s simply not a very useful receiver anymore, out wide or in the slot. He says that the right situation, the right team, will be a big enough of a draw for him. But what does that mean? Anyone willing to make him play? A chance to be on a Super Bowl contender? Welker isn’t someone who actually adds anything besides experience, and I’m not sure that’s a big enough enticement to sign him.

Welker is 35, with 11 seasons in the NFL on his resume. He’s a five-time Pro Bowler (2008-2012) and a two-time first team All-Pro. He played for the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos before his stint with the Rams last season. He led the league in receptions three times, and has been to three Super Bowls, all losses. A number of concussions and other injuries quickly derailed his career during his second season with the Broncos.

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