NFL Rumors – Green Bay Packers Closest Team to Steven Jackson

While the Green Bay Pakcers aren’t known for spending big money on free agents and specifically on big-name running backs, it looks like Steven Jackson, no longer with the St. Louis Rams, is closest to the NFC North champions among all of his other suitors.

The Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons are also chasing Jackson, who didn’t go down in the first day of free agency, but after voiding his final year with the Rams, was bound to be the most coveted running back in the free agents market, even more than Reggie Bush, because of the price he’s asking for and even by being the older back, he’s probably considered a lot more durable.

Jackson ran for 1042 yards and scored 4 touchdowns behind a less than impressive offensive line and a limited passing game. It was his 8th consecutive season of putting up over 1000 yards in a season, and despite initial thoughts of putting him in some sort of running back committee, one of the desires and needs for Jackson from his new team isn’t just the salary, but knowing he’s going to be the feature back, or at least one with a substantial role in the running game and not just a¬†complementary¬†sidekick.

Most expect that the Packers will remain patient in any case. Despite going for only 106.4 yards per game last season, in the bottom third of the NFL in run production, the Packers don’t rush into making big free agency signings, usually waiting for the big contracts to be used and only then going into action. The same might apply to the Jackson case, as most teams feel running back isn’t the first need they have to address, hoping he’ll be there, still waiting, after the second and third days.