NFL Rumors – Green Bay Packers Still Starting Matt Flynn, not Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn

Even though everything seems to be indicating Aaron Rodgers is doing pretty well in practice, there is no go ahead from the doctors to reinstate him as the team’s starting quarterback, which means Matt Flynn, having one of the weirdest seasons anyone has ever had, continues to be the team’s starter behind center.

Rodgers and Flynn are practicing side by side, as Mike McCarthy is waiting for the go ahead from the medical team. Like last week and before, when entering the weekend the team usually knows if Rodgers is going to be healthy or not, which so far he isn’t.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are up next, being a team that’s also desperate for a win in order to make it into the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers need to win both games and they’re in, but they can also afford a loss to Pittsburgh if they beat the Bears a week later, and needing a few more things to fall their way. No one wants to risk that, and no one wants to risk Aaron Rodgers knowing how much money and future is at stake.

Is Matt Flynn starting so bad? In fact, no. He is 2-1 as a starter for the Packers, his third team in 2013, completing 63.8% of his passes, throwing 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, good enough for a 91.1 passer rating. The Packers have been without Rodgers since November 4, and went 0-4-1 in the first five games (including his injury game) without him. However, after settling in, Flynn has led them twice to comeback victories against the Falcons and the Cowboys, making it seem just a little less awful not to have their All-Pro quarterback with them to make the final playoff push, that might have already been sealed if Rodgers wouldn’t have gotten injured.

One interesting tidbit about Rodgers – with him on the field, maybe the Packers wouldn’t have gotten those comebacks, as he’s known to being someone who just doesn’t get it done with the team coming from behind in the fourth. However, with Rodgers on the field, the games might have been that much easier to close early.