NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts Close to Signing Ahmad Bradshaw

If there’s no change in the current direction of negotiations, and no other teams jumps in at the final minute trying to snatch Ahmad Bradshaw away from the Indianapolis Colts, the Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants should find himself playing in the AFC South next season.

Bradshaw has been without a team since February 6, when the New York Giants released him, preferring to go with the tandem of David Wilson and Andre Brown. Bradshaw did lead the team in rushing last season, finishing with 1015 yards and scoring six touchdowns, his second 1000+ season in three years, but his price and a history of surgeries (six in six years) led to his release after being a big part of their Super Bowl win in the 2011 season.

Ahmad Bradshaw

But it wasn’t like Bradshaw was going to stay unemployed for long. There was some interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers along the way and even the Giants, if rumors are to be believed, considered bringing him back. Bradshaw was certainly hoping to get that kind of call, but the Giants made their choice and were headed in a younger, cheaper direction.

So in come the Indianapolis Colts, who weren’t too pleased with their running back situation last season. Vick Ballard did run for 814 yards, but the players behind him, Donald Brown and Delone Carter, each disappointing for their own reasons. One of them most likely is also going to get cut if Bradshaw is signed, because the Colts aren’t planning on having a four-running back situation like the Saints have had for the last few seasons.

So who gets to go? Brown rushed for 417 yards last season in 10 games, and in general has never shown any indication of greatness, averaging 4.1 yards per carry through his first four NFL seasons. Injuries, keeping him off the field six times last season are also an issue.

On the other hand, Carter seemed to be punished last year for being a little careless with the ball during his rookie year, resulting in only 32 carries, mostly used in short-yardage situations, although he did finish with 3 touchdowns on those carries. In terms of potential, Carter is probably the player to go with while Brown should be headed towards a release, but with Bradshaw coming on board it’ll probably be about who preforms better in training camp.

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