NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts Might Hijack Frank Gore From Philadelphia Eagles

Frank Gore

It looked like Frank Gore signing with the Philadelphia Eagles is a done deal, but turns out there’s enough time for things to change, and the Indianapolis Colts have turned out to be a possible new destination for the Pro Bowl running back who has played for the San Francisco 49ers during his first decade in the NFL.

Yesterday it looked like Gore might be signing with the Eagles on a three-year deal promising him $7.5 million, part of the mass exodus from the 49ers, suddenly looking like one of the worst teams in the NFC, carrying on with their awful offseason that began when Jim Harbaugh was fired/quit, going to his alma mater, Michigan, licking some of his wounds.

The Eagles dealt LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills ot cut back on expenses and open up a lot of cap space, used to sign Byron Maxwell from the Seahawks and also Gore from the 49ers. But signings aren’t official until later today (March 10) and Gore can still have a change of heart, which is quite rare when it’s this close to being announced.

Why the Colts? There’s a good chance that his more direct style is a much better fit, complementing quarterback Andrew Luck. Whatever the reason is, Gore seems indecisive, getting cold feet just before the move was completed, which might be putting the Eagles in something of a bind.

It also tells us something about players and their interest to stay/play in Philly. Jeremy Maclin preferred signing in Kansas City despite getting pretty good offer from the Eagles. Devin McCourty was on his way out from the New England Patriots before a last second change of hearts, re-signing with the Super Bowl champions.

The Colts have been without a running game for the entire Andrew Luck phase of their history. Ahmad Bradshaw, Trent Richardson and others have been either terrible or simply inconsistent. For a team that’s trying to upgrade from playoff team to Super Bowl contenders, more reliability in the backfield is critical, and they can also offer Gore more money than the Eagles.

Gore has been in the NFL since 2005, rushing for 11,073 yards, all for the 49ers. He’ll be turning 32 in a couple of months, but he hasn’t missed a game since 2010 and has rushed for 1100 yards or more in the last four seasons. There’s probably a bit more left in the tank, although the same thing was said of Steven Jackson when he signed with the Falcons.

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