NFL Rumors – Jacksonville Jaguars Should Sign Tim Tebow

Tebow Patriots

The connection between Tim Tebow and the Jacksonville Jaguars up to this point has been obvious, yet non existent in truth. Tebow is from there, but the team has never showed any intention to sign him. However, with Blaine Gabbert not looking like the future franchise quarterback they need, giving Tebow a go isn’t going to hurt.

There’s not a question about Tebow not being a franchise quarterback as long as his passing game continues to look awful, but he does things that can make up for it, and from the opportunities he had in Denver, there’s probably a lot more to him than Gabbert in terms of rallying a team even without too much talent around him, and he’s certainly a better quarterback than Chad Henne.

Despite the rally near EverBank field, it isn’t like the whole city of Jacksonville wants Tebow to return. There are plenty who don’t want to see him anywhere near the franchise, and think that he has no shot of becoming an NFL quarterback. He did spend the preseason with the New England Patriots, but nothing really came from that, and he was released before the beginning of the regular season.

Since then, the 26-year old quarterback hasn’t received a single offer from NFL teams. Not as a quarterback, and not for a different role. There’s been talk about playing Rugby, or joining the CFL. A couple of Canadian teams have made Tebow an offer, although none of them are guaranteeing him a spot as a starter. Just the chance to compete for it.

The Jags have 0 appeal to the national audience, and haven’t done much to create faith and belief among local fans that their heading in the right direction. They’ve scored a total of 11 points in the first two games following a 2-14 season, and are ranked 28th in Passing, 30th in rushing and 31st in defending the run. There isn’t a single thing to be proud of despite the endless period of rebuild.

Tim Tebow might not be the long term answer, but he’ll generate interest that isn’t there, and he will probably do a better job than either Henne or Gabbert can do under the current conditions.

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