NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Closest Team to Brent Grimes

Yes, the Miami Dolphins are still looking for free agents, feeling that the cornerback position is the last one in which they need to make a big impact and find someone who won’t just add depth. There’s a lot of interest in the rehabilitating Brent Grimes from the Atlanta Falcons, which seems to be leaning towards the Dolphins at this stage of negotiations.

Grimes was on his way to become one of the top corners in the NFL, but injuring his Achilles Tendon ended his 2012 way too early, and putting his career advancement plans on hold after the Falcons used their franchise tag on him last season. Now, it’s all about projecting how good he’ll be after recovery. If he’s as good or close to that, he should be an immediate starter on pretty much any NFL team, and especially the Dolphins.

Despite all of their impressive signings this off-season so far, the Dolphins lost Sean Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, while other potential starters like Richard Marshall are also recovering from injuries or got traded a bit earlier, like Vontae Davis. While Grimes might be a bit of a risk, he’s probably the best corner left on the market and doesn’t carry the kind of baggage others “top” guys like Chris Gamble and DeAngelo Hall do, which means he isn’t as old as them.

The Dolphins aren’t the only team interested, but the Browns seemed to have glanced over their opportunity, which leaves Miami the team in the best position to sign the six year veteran.

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