NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Don’t Want Reggie Bush

It’s been quite a while since anyone though of Reggie Bush as a superstar, but the question regarding his actual value to a team when compared with his relatively high salary demands, not to mention still not giving Bush an offer, draw up the conclusion that the Miami Dolphins simply don’t want him anymore.

Bush himself has done relatively well the last couple of years for the Dolphins, totaling 2072 yards with 12 touchdowns, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. The problem isn’t his production, which is suitable and more than that for a team that has plans of also giving the ball to Lamar Miller quite often this season. It’s what Bush expects to be paid for that production.

Despite being a ~1000 yards rusher, Bush’s past injuries and inability to make plays after contact don’t have too many teams too high on him, especially with the rumors circling of him expecting to get more than $4 million a season. His last year for the Dolphins was a $4.7 million year, and he still didn’t do anything special on a contract year, which usually brings out the best in players. He’s 27, with 7 seasons in the NFL behind him, and more than one injury over the years to slow him down.

Bush himself would love to stay in Miami, if you go by his twitter feed. He keeps re-tweeting fans urging him to stay with the Dolphins, who finished 7-9 last season, which is pretty much the ceiling these days in the one-team NFC East. Bush seems surprised that the Dolphins have yet to offer him a new contract, but maybe that’s because his expectations, well known to most, just aren’t at par with what the Dolphins are willing to pay for the declining back, who isn’t likely to get more than $2.5-3 million from anyone in this market, unless a team is really desperate for a running back.

The Detroit Lions are known to be interested, but not for the $4-4.5 million Bush will be asking them. Bush himself doesn’t want to leave Miami, but if he does, it’ll probably only be for a team with a shot at contending for the Super Bowl, which the Lions don’t look like the kind of team to be doing that in 2013.

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