NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins & Jacksonville Jaguars Interested in Drafting Vernon Hargreaves

Vernon Hargreaves

One player that many believe has a Pro Bowl or two in his NFL future if Florida Cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III, who so far seems to have picked up interest from Florida teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins.

Hargreaves was born in Tampa and played his high school football there before joining the Gators for three fantastic seasons, in which he earned three All-SEC first team honors and was twice named first-team All-American in his final two seasons in Gainesville. He finished with 10 interceptions in his college career, impressing with his fantastic instincts to put himself in positions to make plays for the balls, his excellent hands and his terrific speed and quickness.

Right now, most see Hargreaves as a top 12 or 13 pick, with maybe a chance to end up in the top 10. Jacksonville have the 5th overall pick which might be something of a reach and the Dolphins, the team that’s probably been more interested in him according to the tweets and media suggestions, have the 13th overall pick. The Dolphins seem to be in bigger need of a playmaker like Hargreaves on defense, but they do fear he won’t be on the board by the time they make their selection.

Turning 21 in June, Hargreaves isn’t without his flaws. He’s just 5’10 and 205 lbs. For all of his positive traits, size matters, and scouts do worry about his ability to handle the bigger receivers in the NFL. There’s also the matter of his speed, as he tends to bite on fakes and double plays, and struggles in recovering when he finds himself out of position. That’s not enough to get teams to discount him and let him slide out of the top 20. He’s still viewed as someone that doesn’t need much improvement to become a Pro Bowl cornerback in a very quick time, but he might struggle at first when competing with smarter offenses and stronger receivers to cover.

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