NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins, New York Giants & Minnesota Vikings Interested in Tank Carradine

Tank Carradine

ACL injuries aren’t as disastrous as they used to be, which makes Tank Carradine, still on the rehab circuit yet showing some impressive signs of returning to a first round draft pick status, quite a desirable player in the 2013 NFL Draft, with the Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings all thinking about making him their number one pick.

Now, it’s not definite that Cornellius Carradine will be an number one pick – teams are still sheepish about him after tearing his ACL on November 24, hurting the definite chances the Florida State defensive end had of going very early in the draft, but his pro day results have been impressive. He ran a 4.75 40 during his pro day in¬†Cincinnati, and benched pressed 32 during the FSU pro day last month, and he still has a bit to improve, with his knee not yet at full recovery.

He’s not going to be a top 10 pick, but teams choosing a bit lower than that are very intrigued, which begins with the Miami Dolphins who have the 12th pick, but are probably looking to trade down according to rumors, which would make take Carradine with a late first round pick a lot more reasonable.

Two other teams quite interested in the youngster who recorded 11 sacks last season for the Seminoles despite not playing the entire season are the New York Giants, who have a history of taking defensive ends early on in the draft (19th pick) and the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings have two first round picks to use (23 and 25), and their aging defensive line will probably push them to make at least one early pick that will start solving that issue, with Carradine possibly being that solution.

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