NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins & St. Louis Rams Fighting for Jake Long

The moment Jake Long began playing in the NFL, he was one of the best blindside tackles in the game, but injuries have slowed him down the last couple of years, making him not so appealing to everyone this off-season, meaning it’s down to staying with the Miami Dolphins or leaving to the St. Louis Rams.

Long expected to see a lot more money and interest being flashed his way, but the market, and the fact that he’s missed six games over the last couple of years, ending his streak of Pro Bowl appearances, made it so that he wasn’t getting the number of calls and offers he thought he might be testing the free agent waters.

The St. Louis Rams, one of the more offensive-line upgrade needy teams in the league, seemed to be his hottest pursuers, but after three days of visiting in St. Louis, Long left without a deal. Some say that a medical check derailed the contract signing, which seems more likely than Long not liking the offer he was being given. While the Rams aren’t completely off the market, Long now turns back to the Miami Dolphins, hoping to see some paper and numbers he likes, with not many other options left for him out there.

Long was the number one pick in the 2008 draft and looked like a force of nature at left tackle during his first three seasons in the league, including an all-pro selection in 2010. The injuries in 2011 & 2012 severely affected his ability on the field, and clearly affecting the kind of money he’s going to get in the future he has left in the NFL.

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