NFL Rumors – Minnesota Vikings Not Benching Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman

Despite a horrendous performance on his debut as the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Josh Freeman won’t lose that job in the next game as well, as his head coach believes that the problems featured in his passing are easily fixable even in the short time left for them to prepare.

Freeman was part of a notoriously bad game, completing only 20-of-53 passes, overthrowing his intended receiver 16 times along the way. He became only the second quarterback to throw for fewer than 200 yards (190) while attempting more than 50 passes, and his 16 overthrown passes is the most by any quarterback except for Tony Romo in a game against the New York Giants (coincidence?) over the last eight seasons.

Freeman didn’t really make things work this season while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season as well. In three games for the Bucs, completing only 45.7% of his passes over those three starts before getting benched by Greg Schiano in favor of Mike Glennon, and eventually getting released by the team.

While some might argue that it’s extremely weird the Vikings chose to go through Freeman after he’s had such a short time to learn the new playbook and get accustomed to his new role, Leslie Frazier thinks it has a lot more to do with¬†with mechanics than preparation, speficially mentioning the shoulder form when he throws, being something that’s quite easy to fix. He didn’t mention the play calling being awful.

The ball kind of sailed on him a few different times, but I don’t think it was a lack of preparation. As for the rest of the season, I don’t think I’ve thought that far ahead.

Freeman will become the third quarterback to start two games or more for the Vikings this season, but that doesn’t guarantee him a starting spot for the rest of the season, which most likely isn’t going to be pretty for the Vikings, including in the upcoming matchup against the Packers.

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