NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Pondering the Emmanuel Sanders Option

Despite making some additions to their wide receivers corps already in the free agency period, it seems everyone is pretty sure the New England Patriots need more and better in order to improve their offensive game in 2013, with Emmanuel Sanders, the restricted free agent from the Pittsburgh Steelers, still up for grabs, if the offer is good enough.

The good thing about Sanders, aside from speed and improving production (44 catches, 626 yards last season), is that if the Steelers don’t match the offer sheet the New England Patriots hand him, it’s only going to cost them an extra third round pick to get him, which should be worth it considering their additions up to this point haven’t been exactly the kind that make fans excited about a new season.

Both Danny Amendola and Michael Jenkins aren’t the most productive of the bunch, and although Sanders isn’t a 1000 yard receiver just yet, most would agree he has the most potential when compared to the other two players the Patriots added to the position to reach that mark, especially with Tom Brady tossing him the ball.

The Patriots rarely go after big names, and prefer a big stock of capable receivers instead of superstars, but after losing both Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd (more like letting them go), there are a lot of receiving yards they need to make up for. The general perception is that Brady and the offensive scheme create the yards, not the receivers, while they have plenty of talent at tight end as well, but at the moment, with no real standout among the WRs, don’t be surprised to see the Patriots at least making an effort to add another upgrade to the position.

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