NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Waiting for Darrelle Revis

It’s not quite certain the New York Jets can make a trade happen with Darrelle Revis; it’s not even certain if they want to send him away. What is a certainty that one of their greatest fears is Revis leaving as a free agent after a seasons, and then joining hated division rivals the New England Patriots.

The Patriots are seeking a secondary improvement at the moment, but there’s no chance that a deal will happen between the two teams, not at the moment. Revis wouldn’t mind, like most players wouldn’t mind, playing for the Patriots. The only question is if the Jets actually let the Revis situation get out of hand and land him with Bill Belichick.

Belichick has not had an elite corner since Ty Law, who has been Revis’ mentor. The Patriots have been ranked in the bottom 4 of the NFL over the last three seasons, unable to find a cornerback (and more than just one DB) to fix their problems, and provide more of a cushion to his very effective offense.

There’s a problem for the Jets with Revis – a lot of teams want him, but they want to see what he looks like after coming back from tearing his ACL. They can’t franchise tag him because of a clause in his contract, and he isn’t happy about playing for “only” $6 million on the last season of his $46 million contract that went on for 4 years.

If the Jets don’t give Revis the extension he wants, and they want to see how good he is coming off the injury before they commit a lot of money to the player many considered as the best corner in the NFL last season, he might just “stick it” to the team by going to the Patriots, although he’ll probably go where they offer him the most money, or so it seems.

The Jets have until October 29 to decide whether to trade Revis or not, because he becomes a free agent in 12 months from now. While there’s no guarantee where he goes, there’s a good chance, if the money’s right, he ends up in the same division, just with a different team.

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