NFL Rumors – New Orleans Saints Don’t Need to See Drew Brees to Feel Good About Him

Drew Brees

Preseason is important for all teams, but not to all players. The New Orleans Saints have other issues to be concerned about while giving Drew Brees the minimum time possible out on the field.

At his age, with his experience, and with the risks of putting him out there, the Saints prefer giving Brees a little time going and that’s it. He’ll make up the rest in training camp, and although one drive isn’t enough to get a rhythm going, it’s not what will make a difference between a good and bad season for Brees.

In his only series for the Saints in a 27-13 loss to the Houston Texans, Brees led the Saints to a field goal. He completed 4-of-6 passes for 40 yards. Zach Hocker got a field goal at the end of that, and that was it for Brees, while Luke McCown, Ryan Griffin and Garrett Grayson carried the torch after him.

The Saints had problems when they got into the 20, struggled with discipline (11 penalties costing them 148 yards). They also struggled in generating any kind of pressure on the opposition’s quarterback, and Sean Payton mentioned his displeasure with the defensive line and the pass rush a number of times after the game.

Marcus Murphy (3 receptions for 67 yards) and Willie Snead (4 receptions, 56 yards) were the top receivers for the Saints in the game. On the ground, Edwin Baker with two runs for 49 yards and the team’s only touchdown impressed. Murphy also rushed for 43 yards, and the seventh round pick out of Missouri is going to be on the roster for the regular season.

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