NFL Rumors – New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders & Miami Dolphins Interested in Tracy Porter

After hardly getting a chance to play last season for the Denver Brocnos, not really inclined to use Tracy Porter very often following his epileptic seizure, there’s a good chance Tracy Porter will return to his former team, the New Orleans Saints, unless the Miami Dolphins, also in need of a cornerback, will show one more aggressive move in the free agency market and try to sign him.

Porter was a standout corner for the Saints during the two middle years of his tenure with the team, including winning the Super Bowl and a famous interception off of Peyton Manning. His season with the Broncos began with an interception against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he fell down their rotation during the season, feeling it was too much of a risk to play him regularly.

And now, after ending his relationship with the Broncos, playing in only six games for the team, Porter is free to make a move back to the Saints, who seem to be the most interested party. Porter, when healthy, is quite a dangerous ball hawk with the ability to take all the way for the pick six, not to mention his familiarity with the program. The Raiders also have a connection that might help them get the player and fill another role they need improving (seems to be every one of them), because head coach Dennis Allen was on Sean Payton’s coaching staff during Porter’s run with the club.

The Miami Dolphins, also interested in pretty much any meaningful player in the market (with still plenty of cap space to use on new players), are looking for someone to replace Sean Smith, who eventually ended up playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. A lot of Porter’s fate relies on what Nnamdi Asomugha chooses to do, being the first option at corner at the moment for both the Saints and the Raiders.