NFL Rumors – New York Giants Drafting a Tight End in the First Round

Eric Ebron

After a 7-9 season that felt a lot worse, there are plenty of areas the New York Giants would like to improve through the draft and especially with the 12th overall pick. Even though teams don’t pick tight ends that high, there’s a chance that Eric Ebron, the top prospect at that position this season will be the one taken.

Linebacker and offensive line are two other big needs for the Giants. However, they rarely use their first pick on those spots. Last season they broke the mold and took in Justin Pugh, who hasn’t done an extremely good job at right tackle but not badly enough to merit the Giants giving up on him.

With the left tackle position in mind, there’s a chance Taylor Lewan out of Michigan is the one who’ll be picked, but it’s still too early to see if the Giants are willing to commit another rather sizable deal to a young tackle, making it a very inexperienced duo holding the outside for a quarterback that struggled against the pass rush last season.

So how about Ebron, who can do a bit of protecting but mostly add another passing dimension to a team that needed some help and diversity last season? Brandon Myers with 47 receptions for 522 yards was the third best receiving option last season for the Giants, but they’d probably like to see someone bring a bit more to the table in terms of offensive production.

Most mocks see Ebron’s talent as top 15 worthy, although there’s a good chance he’ll slip to the early 20’s, with the Packers showing plenty of interest, hoping he’ll slide that far (21st pick). Ebron is coming out of North Carolina, where he caught 62 passes for 973 yards last season, and most scouts are impressed with his speed, athleticism and pass-catching ability, making him seem like someone who it won’t be surprising to see even taken in the top 10.

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