NFL Rumors – New York Giants Interested in Pat White

After a stellar College Football career, Pat White is looking to make it in the NFL despite a few unsuccessful attempts and heading in different directions, like the UFL or professional baseball. Now, he may be getting a lifeline back into the league, in the form of a job offer from the New York Giants.

No, the Giants aren’t expecting White, 27, to become their next quarterback instead of Eli Manning, or even leapfrog over David Carr on the depth chart. But with the emergence of the read-option in the NFL and especially the arrival of Chip Kelly to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants see an opportunity in bringing in White, one of the greatest running quarterbacks in CFB history, as a preparation and practice tool to get their defense used to the changing landscape in NFL quarterbacking.

White, a second round selection in 2009 owns or owned almost every possible record in the West Virginia offensive books, but got to throw only five passes for the Miami Dolphins in 2009, never starting a game and used mostly for his running skills (21 rushes, 81 yards) instead of attempting to show his ability as a passer. He didn’t complete a single pass.

The UFL and the Virginia Destroyers offered him more of an opportunity, and he recently signed a minor-league contract with the Miami Marlins. Still, White wants to still try and make it in the NFL, getting to visit the 49ers before moving on to the New York Giants, who wouldn’t mind having an athlete such as White as their number 3 guy, but mostly are interested in using him for target practice and defensive recognition.

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