NFL Rumors: New York Giants Not Eager to Play Jason Pierre-Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul Giants

The whole argument between the New York Giants and Jason Pierre-Paul at the moment isn’t about how ready he is to play at the moment. It’s about money.

The discussions between the player and the team have stopped due to the argument over his readiness to play. Pierre-Paul is willing to get on the field even if he isn’t 100%; he wants to be on the field. The Giants prefer putting him out there only when he’s ready.

At the center of this isn’t just his four-fingered hand, but the $14.8 million he’s on the books for. Pierre-Paul never signed the franchise tender, but that’s the cap hit for him this season. The Giants don’t have the option of placing Pierre-Paul on the Non-Football Injury list and activating him after six games because the 53-man rosters have been submitted. They could use that designation on him and not pay him for games missed, but players put on that list at this point are not eligible to return this season.

So what’s going to be the case? Probably waiting a little bit longer for Pierre-Paul to be more ready to play. He hasn’t worked out with the team all spring and summer, and the Giants, who have a lot of money riding on the talented defensive end, don’t want to put him on the field against the Dallas Cowboys sooner than he should be.

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