NFL Rumors – New York Giants Might Bring Back Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs

After leaving the New York Giants, Brandon Jacobs thought he was going to have a clean, fresh start with the San Francisco 49ers. Instead, he got to play only twice all season before being released before the playoffs were over, leading him to do some team searching, that just might lead him back to his old team.

Jacobs was injured during the first couple of months of the 2012 season, but a series of tweet referring to a lack of playing time got him suspended and later released from the eventual Super Bowl losers, putting up the impressive stat line of 5 carries for 7 yards during his time with the 49ers.

The Giants had Jacobs for 7 seasons before releasing him, winning two Super Bowls with him leading the charge with his bruising running style, putting up over 1000 yards in 2007 and 2008, and his production declining ever since, while Jacobs spent less and less time on the field.

Now, despite the young tandem of Andre Brown and David Wilson, the Giants would like a third option to have at least some faith in, not to mention someone who doesn’t have a lot of demand and leverage around the league, meaning they can get him quite cheaply. The Giants released Ahmad Bradshaw, leaving an open slot for Jacobs to return to.

According to the New York press, Jacobs would love to return and play for the Giants, who seem to be the only option to return to the NFL for him at the moment, which doesn’t leave him much of a choice but to love their semi-interest in him.

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