NFL Rumors – New York Giants Need Eli Manning to be Even More Accurate

Eli Manning

For the New York Giants to be successful next season after missing the playoffs for three straight years, Eli Manning is going to need find a new tier of accuracy and avoiding mistake, which he might not have.

Manning completed a career high 63.1% of his passes last season, working more on the short game than ever before. He threw 14 interceptions, which is his lowest since 2009. But Manning has thrown in single digits just once in his career, his rookie the season in 2004, when he started in just seven games. He led the NFL in interceptions three times in his career, including 2013.

Manning, obviously, doesn’t depend just on himself to avoid making these mistakes. The offensive line situation for the Giants has been awful the last couple of years, making it much “easier” for him to make these mistakes. As cautious and accurate as he might try to be, constant pass rush pressure in his face will cause him to make the errors he’s notorious for.

You’re only as good as your last game, which is why Eli Manning is so underappreciated by many NFL fans. Pretty much by anyone, except for Giants fans. His name is usually mentioned with the tag line ‘Worst quarterback to win two Super Bowls’ and often comes along with a discussion about his chances of making it into the hall of fame.

The Giants have tied their fortunes to Manning, as it usually goes with franchise quarterbacks. His salary, unless it’s reworked, it going to continue and take a huge toll on the salary cap it might be very difficult to give him the offensive line that will allow him to become the accurate quarterback he wants so badly to be in the older stage of his career.

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