NFL Rumors – New York Jets Interested in Brady Quinn

With every quarterback that finds a new team, another option closes or opens for the rest of the sub-par veterans for offer just before the 2013 NFL season begins. The next name to be mentioned in an upcoming move? Brady Quinn of the Kansas City Chiefs, drawing a lot of interest from the New York Jets.

With the Chiefs signing Alex Smith via trade from the 49ers, someone – Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn, maybe even both, is going to leave to another team, and not to be a projected starter. Quinn has had his moments last season and throughout his career, but very few of them. Since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2007, Quinn has started in only 20 games, posting a 4-16 record. Last season he started in 8 for the Chiefs, going 1-7, completing 56.9% of his passes for 1141 yards, 2 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

Still, there are those that think there’s still something to be salvaged from the career of the Notre Dame alumni, like New York Jets quarterbacks coach David Lee. Lee hasn’t been with Quinn on any of his teams, but has worked with him during the 2011 lockout, when Quinn attended the Eli & Peyton Manning quarterback camp, when Lee was the offensive coordinator for Ole Miss.

Accordin to Lee, Quinn as a stronger arm than both of the Manning brothers, and has acted as some sort of tutor for Quinn since the two worked together in that short period of time. According to Quinn, Lee is the best teacher he has ever had, and Lee has been talking about Quinn in every job interview he’s gone to.

Now, the Jets have three quarterbacks – Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow. According to team sources, they’re planning to head into training camp with five quarterbacks on their roster – the mentioned three, and two others. Is Quinn among them? A year ago, the Jets arranged a visit for Quinn, but eventually signed Drew Stanton instead before trading for Tim Tebow. Maybe a year later makes all the difference, and Quinn might become a Jet after all.

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