NFL Rumors – New York Jets Interested in Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards

After two tenures with the New York Jets, former All-Pro wide receiver Braylon Edwards might be returning to the team he played a bit for last season after being picked off the waivers late in the season.

In what seems like a year that won’t be filled with wins and impressive performances, the Jets are mostly trying to build a roster that’s cheap and won’t look too embarrassing  hopefully, along the way. Their cap space doesn’t allow them to make any significant moves in free agency, while hoping that success in the NFL draft this and next season can bring them back up to a status of contenders in the AFC East.

Edwards’ best days are behind him, despite playing in only 108 games since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2005. Edwards was an All-Pro after his 2007 season, catching for 1289 yards and 16 touchdowns, but that was the only year in which he caught for more than 1000 yards and/or 10 touchdowns.

After a steep decline in his production with the Browns he was traded to New York, where he spent two seasons – the good years of the Ryan-Sanchez duopoly, reaching the AFC Championship game twice. Edwards impressed in 2010, but still moved on to the San Francisco 49ers and later the Seattle Seahawks before being released and making a short, three-game return to the Jets last season.

No one is expecting Edwards to drastically improve the quality of a very weak wide receiver core the Jets have, but he fits the mold of veteran, healthy, capable and most importantly  cheap, the Jets are trying to live by in 2013. Without any suitors around the NFL and a familiarity with the place, it seems that Edwards doesn’t have much choice but to accept the offer from a team that has let go of him twice in the past, hoping he’ll do a lot more than people expect of him.

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