NFL Rumors – New York Jets Prefer Geno Smith to Michael Vick

Geno Smith, Michael Vick

Quarterback battles aren’t always the most healthy situation for a team during their training camp, but the New York Jets, always a source of drama and other negativity, seem to have their choice figured out, with Geno Smith looking like the favorite to start ahead of Michael Vick.

When the New York Jets first signed Michael Vick, it seemed like it was move to put the veteran quarterback in control. Geno Smith had himself a so-so rookie season. He became the starter just because Mark Sanchez’ injury. He threw only 12 touchdown passes in comparison to 21 interceptions. He didn’t leave a very positive impression, despite looking much better and in control during the final four games of the season.

Vick didn’t have a very impressive 2013 campaign as well. Nick Foles took over very quickly, with Vick playing in only seven games and not doing too well in them as well. Looking back at the last few seasons, it’s been quite a while since he’s been anything above average, and the risky style that makes him special just doesn’t seem that appealing when his passing abilities and speed just aren’t what they used to be.

Every rumor coming out of the Jets’ camps seem to indicate Smith as the leading candidate to be the starting quarterback next season. Smith is probably going to get around 75% of the first-team reps during training camp, with Vick having to show something truly unique, or for Smith to show no improvement at all from last season to somehow change the current status quo.

Quarterback battles haven’t been handled well by the Jets over the last two years – Sanchez and Smith, Sanchez and Tebow. Sanchez is gone by the way, so maybe that makes all of the difference. For now Vick says he’s happy with the mentor, backup role he is intended for, but if Smith starts off badly and Vick still doesn’t get a chance to start, we might be hearing a completely different tune.

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