NFL Rumors – New York Jets Sticking With Geno Smith as Their Starting Quarterback

Geno Smith

Despite a disappointing rookie season and an even worse second-year, Geno Smith is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets at the moment, not facing too impressive of a competition for the slot.

The Jets signed Ryan Fitzpatrick and also drafted Bryce Petty out of Baylor in the fourth round. Fitzpatrick is a decent enough starting quarterback, but not if you’re planning on winning more than 7-8 games a season at best. Petty isn’t someone who is looked upon as a guy who can lead a franchise one day, not right now, although there have been surprises.

So what’s left? Believing that Smith can turn things around, maybe not feeling pressure from Michael Vick behind his back, an attempt at quarterback competition and depth that didn’t work out last season. Smith started in 13 games and although his numbers (completion %, TD-INT, passer rating) improved on the individual level, the Jets’ offense looked abysmal most of the time, and getting a first down seemed difficult on too many occasions.

But Chan Gailey, the team’s offensive coordinator, isn’t leaving any room for doubt. Right now, as of the current state of affairs, it’s Smith who’ll be favored to come out of training camp as the starter. It might mean that there’s not a lot to expect out of the Jets next season, but maybe a new coach and offense will be just the thing for Smith, in what is probably the last chance for him to prove he can be a reliable starting quarterback in this league.

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